Our Mission...

"To protect the lives and property of our citizens"
"To preserve the peace within our Parish"
"To prevent crime and disorder while continuously guarding personal liberties as prescribed by law"

The Patrol Division forms the foundation of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office. It has as its major responsibility all efforts to eliminate or seriously reduce criminal activity in Natchitoches Parish.

The Patrol Division is divided into four shifts structured to provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patrol Deputies must maintain in-service training standards and other requirements mandated by the Peace Officers Standards and Trainings Council.

For more information contact:

Douglas Rachal
Chief of Patrol
Phone: (318) 357-7854

Tony Moran
Patrol Captain
Phone: (318-357-7830)

Patrol Shift A
Lt. Shane LaCaze
Sgt. Clinton Dunn

Patrol Shift B
Lt. Benji Phelps
Sgt. Matthew Robertson

Patrol Shift C
Lt. Brian Powell
Sgt. Kenneth Martin
Sgt.  Ronnie Ross

Patrol Shift D
Lt. Mike Wilson
Sgt. Barry Dalme

Patrol Support
Sgt. Sammy Ragan
Phone (318) 357-7830