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Records Division

The Records Division of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriffs Office is made up of eight employees.

The Records Division is responsible for maintaining all felony and misdemeanor reports, active case files, accident reports, criminal subpoenas, warrants, bonds, background checks, prepares arrest paperwork to be processed and sent to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution, prepare LIBRS (Louisiana Incident Based Reporting System) to be sent to the state, and transport mentally ill patients to a hospital for treatment once the coroner or physician has completed an OPC OR PEC.

LIBRS (Louisiana Incident Based Reporting System)

The Records Division is responsible for coding, counting, and reporting LIBRS statistics to the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement who sends the reports to the FBI. LIBRS is a reporting standard that allows Law Enforcement Agencies in Louisiana to submit their data to satisfy both Louisiana State Law, and Federal Reporting requirements. In the past, there were two methods that the Federal Government accepted data: UCR and NIBRS. To accommodate both the State and Federal Reporting requirements, LUCR and LIBRS were created. These reporting standards mirrored their FBI Counterparts, and subsequently checked the boxes for agencies complying with both the State and Federal reporting requirements all at once.

Warrants & Subpoenas

The Warrant Department seeks out and arrest individuals who have warrants issued for their arrest by the courts. Our warrants range from failure to appear in court, to affidavit warrants issued for the defendant's initial arrest for committing a crime. We also receive fugitive warrants from other agencies as well. Approximately 1200 warrants a year are processed through this office.

Criminal Bonds

After an individual has been arrested by the Sheriffs Office or State Police Officer that works in this parish, the Judge will set bond. Unless the Judge makes a stipulation the bond can be done one of the three ways:

1: Commercial Bond (Certified Bondsman).
2: Property Bond (Place a mortgage on your property in the amount of the bond).
3: Cash Bond

Information concerning the bond for a defendant can be obtained by contacting (318)357-7805 or (318)357-7840.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you or someone you know has information on a subject our agency has a warrant on you can contact our warrants division at (318)357-7808 or (318)357-7809 Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm or after hours (318)352-6432.

  • If NPSO worked the accident a copy of the report can be obtained from The Natchitoches Parish Sheriffs Office located at 200 Church Street, Suite 101, Natchitoches, LA 71457

    Monday - Friday
    8am - 4:30pm

  • You can Also request a copy by calling (318)357-7805 or by fax (318)352-7377
  • Written request should be mailed to:

    P.O Box 266
    Natchitoches, LA

    Payment by mail must be a company check or money order payable to NPSO. Upon request you will be advised of the payment amount.

  • NOTE: If the State Police worked the accident the report will have to be obtained from Troop E in Alexandria, LA.

You will need to go to the courthouse located at 200 Church Street, Suite 101, Natchitoches, LA 71457 Monday - Friday between the hours of 9:00am - 4:30pm to obtain a background check. You are required to have your State issued ID and the cost is $15.00 for 2 Pages or less and $3.00/page after that payable by cash or money order.

To have your record expunged is to hire an attorney. The processing of expungements is a complex procedure, requiring extensive man-hours.
NOTE: If you have multiple arrest be sure to advise your attorney that you want all charges expunged.