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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division responded to an average of 20,000 citizen calls for service per year, averaging over 50 calls per day.

The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office serves the citizens of Natchitoches Parish in many different areas of responsibility, with each having a unique focus on the overall mission of the office.

Perhaps the most visible Bureau of the NPSO is the Patrol Bureau. The Patrol Bureau is responsible for the immediate and initial response to citizens’ calls for service by the NPSO.

In addition to responding to citizen calls, the Patrol Bureau travels on every road and highway in the parish during daily, and nightly, patrols. The result of the constant patrols provides a visible presence of the NPSO in every community.

“We go everywhere in this parish, making our presence known by being visible and involved. We get to know the folks at the businesses in each community and try to stop and talk to as many people as we can through the course of the day. That interaction with people is an important part of our job. It builds a relationship with the community and allows us to be more effective in our duties,” said Doug Rachal, Major of the Patrol Division.


All NPSO patrol deputies have completed the police officers training academy and are POST (Police Officer Standards Training) certified. Furthermore, deputies receive advanced skill training to meet the standards set forth by Sheriff Stuart Wright and the leadership team at the NPSO.

Deputies receive additional instruction and annual retraining from the NPSO Training Bureau. The training includes firearms recertification, defensive tactics, traffic stop training, updates on new laws, and ethics training.

Patrol and Respond

The Patrol Bureau responded to an average of 20,000 citizen calls for service per year, averaging over 50 calls per day. Calls for service includes emergency 911 calls and non-emergency request for assistance.

The patrol deputies respond to a wide variety of requests and complaints from citizens ranging from traffic accidents, criminal activity, suspicious persons, and even loose livestock in the roadway.

Equipment and Resources

Sheriff Wright has approved investing significant resources for the Patrol Bureau to have the necessary equipment to perform their duties.

The Bureau maintains a fleet of 54 patrol vehicles, including specialized vehicles for off-road and marine use. Each vehicle is equipped with technology used to quickly respond to calls, including laptop computers that are linked to the Communications Division, high resolution video cameras to record all calls for service, and life saving equipment such as AED devices. The total cost to purchase and equip one basic patrol unit is over $41,000, not including fuel and maintenance.

Each deputy is fully outfitted and equipped to perform their duties. Their basic uniform and equipment cost is over $5,000. This amount includes items such as their service firearm, portable radio, taser, all-weather gear, boots and uniform clothing.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

The Natchitoches SWAT team is comprised of deputies and officers from the Natchitoches Parish Sheriffs Office and the Natchitoches City Police Department. Members must pass a rigorous physical fitness test and successfully complete a Basic SWAT Operators course.

The primary goal of the Natchitoches SWAT Team is to preserve life. In addition, Natchitoches SWAT will provide a highly trained and skilled Tactical Team as a resource to utilize in the handling of critical incidents or special circumstances. The mission of the Natchitoches SWAT Team is to support local law, state, and federal law enforcement agencies requesting a tactical response to a critical incident. The goal of the unit is to accomplish each mission without injury or death resulting from the unit’s intervention. Critical incidents include, but are not limited to:
  • Hostage Situations
  • Barricade Situations
  • Sniper Situations
  • Apprehension
  • High Risk Warrant Service
  • Dignitary Protection
  • Special Event

Dive Team

The NPSO has an six person dive team and all divers are sworn staff. The team also partners with local Fire Districts bringing the total number up to 18 divers when needed. The team trains throughout the year in preparation for team call outs. They receive training in rescue / recovery of drowning victims, underwater evidence recovery, use of side scan sonar equipment and wet and dry suits for cold water diving.

The NPSO Dive Team's mission is to make every effort to locate and recover victims and/or evidence submerged in any body of water in Natchitoches or another Parish/Municipality upon request for mutual aid. Divers are committed to supporting a safe and equitable community through professional service and partnerships.

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