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Title:  Sheriff Jones cautions, “Protect your family and home from intruders”
Date:  01/22/2014

At the end of the day, in the comfort of your own home, sometimes the most basic, logical, safety routines slip away.  You tend to develop a false sense of security that comes with being in a safe neighborhood, or being in the place that you call “home.”  But Sheriff Jones cautions homeowners, “Home invasions are on the rise.  To lessen your chances of becoming a victim of a home invasion, you must take the necessary precautionary measures now to fortify your home.”

Home invasion is a form of armed robbery where criminals break into homes through locked or unlocked doors or windows with the intent to commit a crime (such as robbery, rape, assault or any violation of law against the occupant(s).  Home invasion differs from burglary because there is violent intent.  Typically, home invaders target the resident, not the residence.

This relatively new crime trend is difficult to track because the crime might be filed as burglary, robbery, assault, or battery.  Because of this it is difficult to keep the public informed of the number of incidents in the community.   That being said, by looking at just one of these categories, burglary, some alarming figures command attention.  According to the FBI’s latest Crime in the United States report, there were 42,140 burglaries in Louisiana in 2012.  In addition, one out of every five homes will encounter a violent home intrusion or burglary.  

Sheriff Jones advises, “The best weapon you have against home invasion is education.  Now that you are aware of the facts, with just a little time and precaution, you can make your home safer so that you and your family will not become an easy target.”

Sheriff Jones offers these tip to protect your home and family:
•        Never open doors to strangers.  Most home invaders knock on the front door to gain entry.
•        Lock your doors, windows, and garages at all times, even when you are home.
•        Invest in high-security locks, solid entry doors and window hardware.
•        Consider a home security system and even a dog.
•        Install bright outdoor lighting with motion detection.
•        If you have an alarm system, use it.  Post warning signs or window decals on your property.
•        Trim bushes and trees so burglars can’t hide and so branches don’t block lighting.
•        Have an action plan for your family in case intruders enter.
•        Don’t fight over property with an intruder. Let them have the property; it is not worth your life and can be replaced.
•        If you suspect an intruder is in your home, do not enter and call 911 immediately!

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