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Sheriff Victor Jones' Straight Talk...

Title:  Louisiana Sheriff's Association Honorary Membership Drive
Date:  03/11/2013

Sheriff Victor Jones announces that the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association Honorary Membership Program will be starting the annual membership drive this week and applications will be sent through the mail. Sheriff Jones wants the public to know that this Honorary Membership Program is legitimate and vital for Sheriff’s Offices all over the state, including Natchitoches Parish.

“The Honorary Membership program helps fund our Louisiana Sheriff’s Educational Scholarship Program which is going on right now for graduates entering college next fall. It also helps our citizens be informed through our Sex Offender Database.  Community-based programs help educate the public about crime prevention and building stronger public-private law enforcement partnerships, we will continue to provide the best law enforcement possible.   Law enforcement that the citizens of Natchitoches Parish deserve. We encourage everyone receiving a membership application to consider joining forces with us by becoming an Honorary Member.”

I would like to discuss an issue very close to each of us – crime prevention. The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office is committed to making our neighborhoods a safer place to live. By doing so, we will improve the quality of life for individuals and families…both young and old. It is imperative that we try to reduce the negative influences that crime has on our children and to help safeguard the elderly.

Membership letters are in the mail. The Louisiana Sheriffs’ Honorary Membership Program (LSHMP) never raises funds through telephone solicitations. If you are called by someone claiming to represent the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Honorary Membership Programs seeking a donation, please inform the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Honorary Membership Program immediately at 225 383 2871.

If you would like a membership application, you may contact the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association at 225 383 2871 or go on line to www.lsa.org and choose the HONARY MEMBERSHIP icon.

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